Kimpets Dog Harness


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kimpets Dog Reflective Harness Vest

Please note that:

1.The dog vest does not include the rope. The rope needs to be ordered separately
2.Please measure your pet's chest before buying
Dogs,cats and rabbits can also wear it. As long as it is a four-legged animal, the chest is within the range. This is universal.

Product Information:

XXS Pet Chest 20 cm–24 cm,Neck 18 cm–20 cm,fit for under 1.5 kg pet
XS  Pet Chest 28 cm–32 cm,Neck 25 cm–30 cm,fit for 1.5-2.5 kg pet
S   Pet Chest 36 cm–40 cm,Neck 30 cm–35 cm ,fit for 2.5-4 kg pet
M   Pet Chest 46 cm–50 cm,Neck 40 cm–45 cm,fit for 4-7 kg pet
L    Pet Chest 48 cm–54 cm,Neck 44 cm–48 cm,fit for 7-11 kg pet
Pet Dog traction rope length is about 1.4 m.

Product display:

Dynamic fit, no binding, comfortable to wear

All wrapped around the chest and abdomen of the dog. Provide cushioning. Uniform scattered force

The product has good ventilation function. Make your dog more comfortable

The product has reflective function. It can provide better protection when your dog travels

The product is very light and thin. Your dog doesn't have any sense of weight

The product is easy to use, with adjustable length and double protection

3 colors to choose from

Size comparison

Ordinary 1.4m rope:

Upgraded, reflective, thick and firm, 1.5m rope

The traction rope also has a protective sleeve to avoid hurting your hand




























Additional information


Mint Green, Ice Peach, Lemon Yellow, 1.4m Rope, 1.5m Reflective Rope


XXS 0.5-1.5kg, XS 1.5-2.5kg, S 2.5-4kg, M 4-7kg, L 7-11kg


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